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Exciting New Scientific Breakthrough from CAST to Save Atlantic Salmon

The latest results from the science team at Collaboration for Atlantic Salmon Tomorrow (CAST) show that SAS adults spawn and produce offspring that cannot be distinguished from wild offspring!  

 CAST has a science-based plan to supplement the wild Atlantic salmon population.  Wild salmon have been raised to maturity at the Miramichi Salmon Conservation Centre.  Once mature, adult salmon are released back to their home rivers, full of eggs to spawn naturally in the wild.  This approach is known as Smolt-to-Adult Supplementation or SAS.

It’s been shown to be a more natural option to increase the salmon population in the river.

The management of CAST and our team of 11 dedicated scientists have remained committed to saving Atlantic salmon.  Over the last 3 years, scientists working in an experimental section of the Miramichi river have made the following scientific discoveries about the wild and SAS salmon:

    • Salmon behave normally and spawn together naturally in the wild.
    • Young salmon hatch from their eggs and thrive in their river environment.
    • There is no difference in size, weight or survival of the offspring.
    • There is NO EVIDENCE OF GENETIC DIFFERENCES in the offspring.
    • No clear genetic differences between Atlantic salmon across the Miramichi watershed.
    • The conclusions so far are clear – SAS fish produce offspring that are similar to wild fish. 

 CAST has a plan and the latest science is clear.  There are no more reasons for delay.

We need DFO to support the results-based SAS program now! 

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